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Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder project in Sheffield

This scheme for 155 new properties forms one part of an ambitious Housing Market Renewal project centred on the Parson Cross area of Sheffield.

The development consists of largely family housing, with a mix of types, sizes and tenures, set around a generous, elongated ‘village green’. The Council has designated this a ‘Gold Standard’ scheme, requiring the highest level of architectural and environmental excellence.

The layout of the development is informed by strong urban principles, whilst the housing takes on a rural character using vernacular materials to soften the overall scheme. The extensive use of Home Zones create safe, pedestrian and child-friendly environments between the dwellings. All homes are designed to achieve Level 4 of the Code For Sustainable Homes.

Adlington housing regeneration
155 dwellings for a Sheffield ‘Gold Standard’ site
for Sheffield City Council & Places for People
Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Value: £10-15M
Planning 2008