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Retail pavilion and landmark sculpture for a new shopping centre

This design for a flower kiosk and sculpture forms the centre-piece to a new urban space created within the N1 commercial development off Liverpool Road, north London. The circular, stand-alone pavilion is straddled by a 15m-high winged sculpture in stainless steel, making reference to the development’s location at ‘The Angel’ in Islington.

The project was developed in collaboration with artist Wolfgang Buttress and Price & Myers 3D Engineering. And we worked closely with local manufacturers to produce the curved concrete panels for the kiosk and the steel lattice-work structure of the sculpture. The team also designed a series of interwoven stainless steel tubes in the form of a ‘halo’, which is suspended high above the Upper Street entrance to the shopping development.

The original design competition was established to encourage collaborations between artist and architects. It was organised by the Architecture Foundation and open to architects featured in their published guide: “New Architects 2 – A Guide to Britain’s Best Young Architectural Practices”.

The Angel at Islington
New-build retail unit and integrated public art
with Wolfgang Buttress
for Delancey Estates

N1 Centre, Islington, London
Cost £250,000
Completed 2003

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