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Main entrance redesign and refurbishment of existing reception

We were appointed by Aston University to remodel their main entrance and reception area, as the existing glazed, steel-framed structure was looking tired and dated. With a limited budget, the design focused upon bringing a new clarity to the space, with the use of high quality finishes. To achieve this we: created a single, unified entrance lobby; replaced the conservatory glazed walls with large panes of glazing to give unobstructed views into the reception area; and introduced a porcelain tiled-stone floor finish throughout.

As a result, Aston University now has a more identifiable and legible entrance arrangement. The new lobby invites visitor with automatic sliding doors and corporate signage integrated with the solid white rendered wall. Directly inside the entrance a large, central entrance desk and video display provides a friendly welcome to visitors. Additional high quality lighting and accent seating all contribute to the success of the scheme.

Aston University Entrance
Entrance & reception refurbishment
for Aston University
Aston Triangle, Birmingham
Cost £266,000
Completed 2007