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Redevelopment to provide new-build seedbed office & industrial units

We submitted this scheme for planning on behalf of Southend-on-Sea Borough Council for the redevelopment of part of Progress Road Industrial Estate to provide new offices and seedbed industrial units. Intended as a flagship project to attract inward investment and kick-start local business, the brief called for an integrated public realm design and a strategy to meet BREAAM “Excellent”.

The proposals include 9 individual offices providing 900m2 of high quality B1 office space fronting Progress Road, behind which are 14 flexible industrial units providing over 1800 m2 of flexible B2 industrial space.

The office and industrial units were both designed with inherent flexibility, making it possible for each adjacent unit and upper mezzanine floor to be interconnected to form larger units. We also drew together a simple and recognisable palette of materials for the architecture, streetscape and signage design, to help establish a consistent character and identity for the new development.

Brunel Road business units
New-build office and seedbed industrial units
for Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
Leigh-on-Sea, Essex
Value £3.5M
Planning 2011