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Domestic refurbishment for a graphic designer

This project – one of the first undertaken by the practice – involved the complete transformation of an Edwardian semi-detatched house in Mapperley. The house was restored to a single dwelling after years of neglect during its multiple occupation.

The restrictive budget was concentrated on a few critical areas in order to make the most impact. Without introducing any significant structural alterations to the building, light was brought deep into the core of the house through a series of glazed doors.

The final result evolved through the close collaboration between the architect and the client. The client, a graphic designer, was keen to use the spaces as a canvas to experiment with texts in different colours and fonts. And some of the more interesting features came about as result of accommodating second hand furniture and old building fabric, such as the uneven plaster walls and damaged tiled floor in the hall, which were embraced and integrated into the finished scheme.

Ebers House
Domestic refurbishment
for a private client
Cost: £12,000
Completed 1999