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Demonstration homes to promote the aims of the Ecotown project

We were short-listed to the second stage of an ideas competition to design 3 innovative EcoHomes in Whitehill Bordon. This is one of the first visible schemes in the designated Eco-town, being built to exhibit and promote the wider ambitions and opportunities of the project.

Our sustainable proposals are based upon PassivHaus Design principles, adopting natural and passive design and ensuring low U-values. The timber-frame design allows for flexibility, affordability and ease of replication. Internally, the plan is arranged around the winding stair, which wraps itself around wood-pellet stove as it rises through the home. Home-buyers would be given cladding options from a palette of materials, that reflect the local vernacular, with a more contemporary alternative.

Two of these exhibition homes are to be inhabited and monitored for energy performance, whilst a third will be used as a demonstration home to inspire local residents.

Eco Terrace
Zero-carbon terraced house design
for East Hampshire District Council
Whitehill Bordon EcoTown, Hampshire
Value: £0.5M
Competition shortlist, 2012