Market Rent Apartments

Clifton Triangle is a new retail development in the Clifton area of Nottingham. Outline planning permission had been secured for a residential building as part of the development and Letts Wheeler were commissioned by its developers Cedar House to design this building in detail. The design was developed to suit the requirements of Nottingham LiviNG, the purchasers of the building. Nottingham LiviNG is the market rent arm of Nottingham City Homes, the City’s primary social housing provider.

The scheme provides 24, 2-bed apartments within a single, 3 storey building, split across 2 cores. It occupies a restricted, triangular site at the northern end of the development. The site contained a number of mature and protected trees. These and a large fall in level to the rear of the site limited the building footprint to a narrow area at the front of the site. The building fronts onto the primary street; Green Lane, with a private parking court, amenities and landscaped garden situated to the rear adjacent to the existing mature trees.

Initial planning concerns regarding the scale of the building (both its height and length) in relation to the surrounding low-rise, suburban housing was addressed by breaking the scale of the building down into a series of articulated frontages, which suggest a terrace of separate properties. A rich palette of materials & detailing; soft red bricks with contrasting brown brick panels, anodised bronze bay windows, header courses and stone copings gave the building a traditional feel, whilst being simple and economical to build.

The stair cores cut through the full depth of the building giving access from both the street and the rear parking court & garden. Glazing and a 3-storey atrium to each core provide well-lit and attractive entrance spaces. The flats were designed to Nottingham LiviNG’s standard market rent requirements and the entire building is protected with a fire suppression system. Cycle storage and electric car charging points are provided in the rear court and the building benefits from its proximity to the City’s sustainable tram network.

New-build Market Rent Apartments
for Cedar House Developments
Clifton, Nottingham
Value £2M
Completion  2020