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New-build urban infill redevelopment in a residential area

This is one of a number of affordable housing schemes that we undertook in the early days of the practice for various Housing Associations in Nottingham. Typically these projects were located on restricted sites in problematic urban areas, and aimed to provide sensitive social housing that catered for elderly or special needs residents.

At Gladstone Street, the brief to replace a disused garaged building called for a pair of 2-bed single-storey dwellings, designed to suit the needs of elderly residents. With a relatively modest programme of accommodation, we were keen to introduce a greater sense of scale to the development. This was achieved by combining the 2-units into a single building, and utilising a generous monopitched roof, sloped back from the street elevation. The design solution was also carefully considered to be both robust and low-cost, whilst addressing the surrounding context with a consistent scale, set-back and boundary treatment.

Gladstone Street
New-build sheltered housing accommodation
for Tuntum Housing Association
Cost: £250,000
Completed 2002