Passivhaus Certified Terrace Housing

Graven Hill is one of the UK’s most ambitious housing developments. It plans to deliver 1900 homes over 10 years. Much of the housing will be focused on self-build and custom-build customers, supported by a sustainable infrastructure, open space, allotments, communal facilities and resources.

As part of the masterplan for the project, the development company has planned a number of ready-built schemes, which allow a degree of customisation by purchasers. Beattie Passive was chosen as the preferred supplier for a terrace of nine houses located within the centre of the Graven Hill development. Letts Wheeler were commissioned by Beattie Passive to design this housing.

The entire Graven Hill development is subject to a comprehensive masterplan and design code. We worked closely with the Graven Hill team and the local authority planners to ensure that the proposals satisfied the developer’s brief as well as the requirements of the design coding.

The unusual section of these 3 storey houses was a response to the brief. The stepped section came from the need to provide a decreasing amount of area on each floor, with the steep sloping mansard roof providing a simple and compact way of accommodating the difference in floor sizes. There was also a requirement to provide 3 different internal layout options for the purposes of customisation.

All the houses were built using Beattie Passive’s timber framed system to achieve Passivhaus certification. We worked closely with Beattie Passive to provide a coordinated set of technical information for building regulations and the construction process, incorporating their 3D frame model and design specification for achieving the Passivhaus standard.

New-build Housing
for The Graven Hill Development Company
Graven Hill, Bicester
Value: £2M
Completion, 2018