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Phased expansion programme and refurbishment work

As part of a wider expansion plan for the education system in Southend-on-Sea, to help cope with a spike in the local birth rate, we worked with the Borough Council to deliver a new single-storey classroom block at this junior school. The new building provide 3 new classbases, with break-out learning zones and outdoor teaching spaces, connected by a corridor to the main school building and linking through to the existing dining hall via a new covered canopy.

The design respects the form and scale of the original Edwardian building, whose materials and architectural features have been reinterpreted in a modern idiom. Materials have been chosen to provide durability, longevity and warmth, and include traditional brick walls, double-pitch clay-tiled roofs, and bronze-metal cladding on the pop-up break-out spaces. All spaces are naturally lit with large glazed openings and rooflights.

The new building forms an L-shaped courtyard, around which future phases of expansion could be implemented. This project followed our wider study into improving the organisation of the school, with a view to restructuring the internal circulation and reproviding existing, cramped classbases with new classrooms. As part of our wider plans for the school, we have since delivered further phases of the project to deliver new sports and community facilities on the site.

Hamstel Junior School
New-build classroom extension
for Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
Southend-on-Sea, Essex
Cost £0.9M
Completed 2013