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Environmental exhibition and education centre for children

The ‘NatureWorks’ building was designed for The Earth Centre, an environmental visitor centre and flagship Millennium Lottery project. It is one of a number of exhibition pavilions set within a 300-acre site near Doncaster.

NatureWorks was conceived as a ‘coats on’ experience, designed specifically for children. The exhibition focuses on the freshwater and terrestrial ecology in and around the site. In response, the building is raised up on pilotis, sensitively overlooking and engaging with these two environments.

A large part of our early work was for The Earth Centre project. Along with the Natureworks exhibition pavilion we design and built a fish hatchery, an animal shelter, an amenities building, and a water quality monitoring station. Unbuilt projects included designs for The Zero Emissions Research Building.

Outdoor exhibition pavilion
for The Earth Centre
Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Cost £125,000
Completed 1998