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New-build Children’s Centre in a rural village setting

This Children’s Centre was built as part of the Government’s SureStart scheme to provide spaces for daycare, together with facilities to offer support, advice and training to families with pre-school children. The Centre is located on the site of an existing school car park, addressing the main school building to the east and the playing fields across a small brook to the north.

The building is split either side of an asymmetric roof, with the administration and reception spaces contained under the lower pitch, and the taller meeting and crèche spaces beneath the steeper pitch. A continuous clerestory runs around the building at roof level, providing high levels of natural light to illuminate the colourful interiors. The highly insulated building is oriented to optimise passive solar gain and enhance the privacy of children by screening sensitive areas away from public view.

North Leverton Children’s Centre
New-build annexe to existing Infant & Nursery School
for Nottinghamshire County Council
North Leverton, Nottinghamshire
Cost £250,000
Completed 2006