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Masterplan for high density residential development by a local park

This invited competition for an affordable housing development of 100 homes, lies close to Norwich city centre. The scheme is being delivered by a partnership between Norwich City Council and several local Housing Associations.

Our proposal responds to two defining characteristics of the site: the interesting variety of existing low-rise housing set loosely amongst connected green spaces, and a small urban park to the south of the site. In a generous gesture, the park is extended into the scheme, whilst the housing follows a clear, logical pattern of conventional ‘streets’, connecting directly to existing linkages, key spaces and landmarks.

The materials palette is informed by a contemporary interpretation of Norwich’s rich architectural heritage. The variety in material treatment, housing type, tenure, massing and form, avoids the worst excesses of homogeneous estates, and ensures a development of distinctive character.

Greyhound Opening
Social housing redevelopment
for Delivering Affordable Housing Partnership
Norwich, Norfolk
Cost £11M
Competition shortlist, 2009