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New-build apartment scheme on a historic brownfield site

This £4.8million development, for one of the East Midlands’ most progressive developers, provides a positive contribution to the urban fabric and public realm of Castle Boulevard, a busy arterial route serving Nottingham City Centre.

The 38-unit scheme consists of a range of innovative types of living and live/work accommodation grouped into six buildings that reflect the scale of the existing large Victorian villas along the Boulevard. Between the blocks a series of courtyards provide parking, access and amenities for the tenants. Each courtyard has its own distinct character, inviting glimpses through to the Medieval caves.

The project required substantial decontamination of the brownfield site and the preservation of a Scheduled Ancient Monument: a series of Medieval caves cut into a sandstone escarpment. The project has won a number of awards and was chosen by CABE as a ‘Building for Life’ case study.

Park Rock Development
New-build housing / apartments
for Braemore Properties
Castle Boulevard, Nottingham
Cost £4.8M
Completed 2003