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Developer led bid for an English Partnerships site

We teamed up with a volume house builder, a specialist low-energy developer and a housing association in a bid for this site. The brief called for an innovative development of some 450 dwellings on a highly constrained, brownfield site. Our proposals include a wide mix of housing, flats and live/work units, with a 50% affordable housing element, complimented by other mixed-uses.

In a practical approach to modern sustainable living, flexibility is fundamental to our strategy, allowing homeowners to adapt their homes to meet their changing needs. The scheme is arranged around a series of urban squares, boulevards and courtyards, which give a distinctive character to each quarter of the scheme. The scheme is intended as a showcase for excellence, with all homes achieving Level 6 of the Code For Sustainable Homes.

Peterborough Carbon Challenge
450 Code Level 6 (zero carbon) homes
for ZeroC & Gladedale Special Projects
Cost: £40M
Developer led bid, 2008