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Mixed-use development proposed for Nottingham’s Lace Market area

The site of 41 Pilcher Gate, in Nottingham’s historic Lace Market quarter, has been empty and derelict for a number of years. This project involved the partial demolition of the dilapidated Grade II Listed building on the site and proposed a mixed-use development of apartments and ground floor commercial space.

The glazed elevations are screened by a decorated and perforated stone façade, which pays tribute to the wonderful filigree stonework of the neighbouring former lace factories. This façade has the dual purpose of filtering out the daylight from the accommodation and animating the street with patterns of light by night.

41 Pilcher Gate
Mixed-use redevelopment of a Listed building
for Bildurn Properties
Lace Market, Nottingham
Value £1.5M
Planning 2005