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Public realm refurbishment for the market place at Raunds Square

When we first visited The Square at Raunds we saw a neglected space, suffering from a lack of investment and regular maintenance. We were tasked with providing a new vision for the space and to restore its status as the focal point for the town. Key to our proposal was the aim of attracting a new and more varied crowd into the square by creating a small play area for young children and providing improved facilities for the market.

The Square has been restructured to create more space for public events and the weekly market, whilst retaining some much-needed parking. The space has been opened up to improve connectivity and includes a generous new flight of steps. Relocating the WC’s has ensured that they are now accessible to all and helped to create a space that is more attractive to locals and visitors alike.

We used robust materials throughout, employing a natural granite finish on the steps and a hard-wearing Dutch clinker across the main space. New shelters and structures were formed in local sandstone and an avenue of new trees contributes to a more welcoming space.

Raunds Square
Public realm refurbishment
for East Northamptonshire District Council
Raunds, Northamptonshire
Cost £1M
Completed 2007