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Competition Winning Design for Historic Market Place

This is our competition winning design for the Market Place in Salisbury. The project forms the centerpiece of the wider ambitions for the city, outlined by the Salisbury Vision. This work builds upon the Public Realm Design Guide that we also prepared for the city.

Our proposals unite the Market Place and adjacent Guildhall Sq to provide a large, more flexible space capable of accommodating an expanded Charter Market and annual Pleasure Fair. The removal of the car parking, and the subtle reorganisation of the space, creates a generous central arena capable of hosting a range of activities, alongside the existing outdoor pub / café seating areas.

The design utilises warm, natural materials and features a strengthened avenue of trees dividing the space from Blue Boar Row. Public artwork is integrated beneath the tree canopy along the ‘cathedral aisle’, where Wolfgang Buttress has detailed a patchwork of surface materials. The simple yet bold approach allows the existing buildings on the market place to determine the character of the square, whilst the avenue, lined with trees and seating, provides the more intimate social spaces and ample opportunities to seek rest and shade.

Salisbury Market Place
Public realm strategy and market place redesign
for Salisbury Vision
Salisbury, Wiltshire
Value: £3M
Competition winner: 2009