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Urban Design Study to reconnect an important route into Nottingham

We have been working alongside Nottingham City Council to develop ideas to improve connections into and around the Southern Gateway into the city. The study focuses on the north-south route from Collin Street by the Broadmarsh Centre, in front of the railway station and along Arkwright Street out towards Trent Bridge.

We have illustrated the impact of pedestrianising parts of the route along Carrington Street outside the railway station to create a new public plaza to welcome visitors to the city. Further public realm improvements are proposed along the route, connected to proposals for the redevelopment at Unity Square, the NET Phase 2 tram extension works, and connections through to the Bridgeway Centre.

The study also explores the potential to reintegrate Arkwright Street into the street network. This important route into the city was severed during the redevelopment of the Meadows, and reopening this connection for pedestrians and limited public transport access is seen as key to the revitilisation of the area. A series of potential future commercial and residential developments in the area are brought together and illustrated along the route down to its connection with Radcliffe Street.

Nottingham Southern Gateway
Urban Design Study
for Nottingham City Council
Undertaken 2013-2014