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Two new public spaces created at the heart of an historic town centre

This public realm refurbishment project for two major public spaces in Stamford, involved the removal of on-street parking and street clutter throughout both squares. The two distinctive spaces were then paved in the highest quality Yorkstone material to complement the unique architectural heritage of one of England’s finest stone towns.

The scheme harmonises the various conflict of interests between vehicles and the public realm, giving pedestrians improved crossings and generous pavements. In Red Lion Square the new cobbled surface suppresses vehicle speeds further, thereby reducing the dominance of the car.

The scheme is complemented by contemporary artworks and purpose-made street furniture, which further contribute to the unique sense of place, are were designed in collaboration with Wolfgang Buttress. This project was won through design competition; the first in the country to be enabled by CABE Space.

Red Lion & Sheepmarket Squares
Public realm refurbishment
for Stamford Vision &
Lincolnshire County Council

Stamford, Lincolnshire
Cost £1.5M
Completed 2007