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New centre of excellence for education in sustainable construction

This competition entry for the Sustainable Construction Centre in Ollerton is one of several innovative projects proposed for the Sherwood Energy Village to regenerate the former colliery as a focus for sustainable regeneration. The centre is designed to be an exemplar project of international consequence, demonstrating best practice in both sustainable construction and training.

The plan and form of the building are generated from the functional requirements of the brief and the unusually shaped site. The four wings of accommodation enclose double-height workshops to the north and a café space, nested around a rammed earth auditorium, to the south.

The folded butterfly roof form, which floats over the building, insulates and shades the main spaces whilst generating electricity from photovoltaic cells located on the south facing slopes.

Sustainable Construction Centre
Training & education centre in sustainable practice
for Sherwood Energy Village
Ollerton, Nottinghamshire
Value £3.5M
Competition shortlist 2005