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Customisable house design for HCA site in Cornwall

Home manufacture is a radical new approach to housing. It is about putting the customer first, giving the owner the choice in the layout, orientation, and external appearance of their new home. It re-establishes the relationship between contractor, designer and customer. It also offers opportunities for technical and design innovation from designers, and we are very interested in the process and making it work.

This is a pilot project and is part of a Government-led initiative to stimulate the growth of the Custom Build Homes market. The project has received funding support from the Homes & Communities Agency, and aims to become an exemplar for future initiatives in the UK. As part of a wider masterplan, this site at Trevenson Park has the capacity to develop over 50 custom build homes, and is located next to the Heartland Visitor’s Centre, which explores the working heritage of the local tin mining community.

As the chosen developer for the site, Igloo Regeneration invited teams of Home Manufacturers to develop innovative housing designs solutions. The final shortlisted teams will have their designs promoted at the on-site “Plot Shop” for prospective house-buyers to select their concept house, and work with the architect to deliver their custom build home.

We teamed up with Beattie Passive, one of the UK’s top Passivhaus home-builders, to develop our unique, low-energy, rapid-build housing designs. Beattie Passive is the first company in the UK to be awarded certification as a complete build system by the Passivhaus Institute in Germany. Their patented construction technique ensures the completed homes require 90% less space heating than a standard building, providing increased comfort and energy savings to the home-owner.

Our home is a tightly designed 3-bed terraced house, which has been carefully thought through to provide prospective purchasers with a number of customization options. Whilst the plot size remains fixed, the arrangement of the living accommodation, bathroom layout and outdoor terrace can be reconfigured to suit the plot orientation and customer preference. The building is clad in timber and fibreglass-reinforced panels, with a number of choices of stain, finish, colour, texture and detail, to give each customer the opportunity to put their own individual stamp on their home.

Custom Build Housing in Cornwall
A competition for Home Manufacturers
with Beattie Passive
for Carillion Igloo

Pool, Cornwall
Guide Price £140,000
Competition 2014