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A new ‘stage’ for Nottingham’s cultural and entertainment quarter

This is our short-listed competition entry for the refurbishment of the recently created Trinity Square in Nottingham city centre. The space lies within a newly established cultural and entertainment district, surrounded by bars and restaurants, along with theatres and a cinema complex. With a continuing flow of people by day and night, the Council believes the space appears uninviting to visitors and fails to reflect the vibrancy and activity of its context.

The crescent-shaped space is framed on all sides by active frontages and lies at the confluence of a number of narrow pedestrian routes. It is an enclosed and intimate space with an inherent amphitheatre form. We embraced the theatrical nature of the space, designing a few focus – a central ‘stage’ – to host organised performances and events at its heart. We teamed up with a public arts curator to develop a programme of organised events for the newly created platform to ensure a ‘buzz’ and vibrancy to kick-start the ‘stage’s inaugural year.

The design simplifies the space to provide improved pedestrian links along key desire lines. Surrounding this a string of stone benches frame the performance space and provide meeting and resting places at the perimeter. A cable net structure supporting climbing plants provides a beautiful and seasonal backdrop to the space. Whilst at night a new lighting scheme will change the appearance and ‘mood’ to further enhance the theatrical qualities and drama of the space.

Trinity Square, Nottingham
Urban square refurbishment
for Nottingham City Council
Value: £400,000
Competition entry: 2012